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    M_of_the_sys wrote:Does anyone know if there's a better weapon set for my CC character than Hand Blaster? I do think the handblaster is great but wondering if it's better to have the staff. Also, anyone know how to change the colour of your hand blaster?

    Better how fella? Theres a trade-off with all of them. Apart from the innate stat boosts you get with all weapons some are of more practical use than others.

    That might sound like its stating the obvious (and it is) but apart from stats its worth figuring in the types of attack you can make with your weapon and what you want to accomplish with it.

    Some weapons are more geared to power output, some damage output and some CC effects. Eg the rifle is great for engaging people at range and keeping them there, and while its base damage is a bit crap it makes up for it in it's specials and the high rate of fire of it's basic attacks (letting you build up power very easily).

    Are you looking for pure DPS, status effects, stat bonuses, power management, PvP effectiveness etc? Thankfully there isn't one uber weapon in DCU (well, now that the flying bug has been fixed anyway), its all down to your role and style of play.

    You can only colour certain weapons. Some have their own colour scheme. The rest are determined by the choice of colours for your character (which can look really really good or really really shit depending on how lucky you are, in my experience).
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