#6717306, By Tio Pinball FX 2

  • Tio 10 Nov 2010 16:41:05 152 posts
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    L_Franko wrote:
    Just added you, muttler and Tio as well.

    I never got the FR , so I sent one to you but looks like your full again....

    This isnt one of those I "sent" you a FR statements ( but in reality heard about your awesome 143m on R&B table) so didnt really is it? :)

    I just have to mention the score whenever I can, I am useless at all other tables but once did great :)

    Still accepting PBFX2 FR's (just accepted muppet and someone else I cant remember) got about 7 slots left I love the competition of chasing the scores.

    GT:Bones n Hombre
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