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    dutchspeededup wrote:
    itamae wrote:
    The FX2 table pack, of course! Includes Rome, Pasha, Biolab and Somethingsomething Deep.

    Thank you. Would you recommend that over buying a single table like the Haunted thingummy or Excalibur?

    If everyone was being 100% honest the newer tables are a big step up over the old tables, and for a new player if you were to buy the FX2 table pack then in say two or three weeks buy the older tables you would feel a little disappointed. So I would suggest the older tables first , then in two or three weeks the newer tables, for maximum fun.

    I am not saying the older tables are bad, they are pretty good , but noticeably less gooder than the new tables.

    Imagine sleeping with Megan Fox, sleeping with Anne Robinson would be an almighty step down , but a few beers and the other way around it wouldn't be to bad.

    Of the older tables Excaliber is probably the best.
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