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    ram wrote:
    Don't dooooo it

    SotD is reasonably easy to get a decent score, keep getting the 3 multi-ball types - Shark attack, the Mines one and the Abyss lock 3 balls multi-ball. They have easy jackpot shots and you can quickly rack up the score.

    Remember to keep the 2 magnets charged so you don't lose a ball down the filthy side channels.

    On my way to 109m, I managed to get 2 extra balls, to do that you need to get all the shipwrecked targets and at the final stage knock down the four (maybe 5) targets. If you knock the ball into the shipwreck before that you get a score but no extra ball opportunity.

    Nah I wouldn't delete you my hatred/respect for your scores are already in place :D.

    Its the new upstarts to the top of the table that will next get my Bile....you both know who you are............... Doomspoon and souvlaki , grrrrrr
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