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    Flightrisker wrote:
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    It was stupid, almost as stupid as Starbuck taking weeks to notice the 12 numbers in the song might just be jump coordinates for the jump computer which needed (gasp) 12 numbers, Dean Stockwell shooting himself, and Adama saying 'I can't live without her son' and then going and doing precisely that.

    Great telly, fucking stupid ending.

    What?! It's not like he said fuck it and left her. She died... I'm sure most people would say they couldn't live without the ones they love but that doesn't mean that have to top themselves the minute they died. He meant he couldn't live without her while there's a chance she's alive, as in he had to risk his life to wait for her.

    Jesus, talk about reaching! :)
    In isolation yeah fine, but 'I can't live without her son' was to explain to his last surviving family member why he wasn't ever going to see him again.

    Ofc, his son was ditching all technology, along with the 50,000 other survivors who all agreed at the drop of a hat, and going off to fuck cave-people, so at that point anything might have made sense :)
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