#6641154, By stalinsmash Best PS2 game EVER!

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    I'm glad to see FFXII isn't half as hated as I thought it was. Fookin' excellent game.

    I would like it if it wasn't called Final Fantasy.

    If the combat wasn't so crap and the story focused more around Vaan, I'd be happier with it. It just wasn't emo enough for me. :)

    No, fuck Vaan. He's a completely uncharismatic faggot. The main character should have been Balthier and the game should have centered around him being a sky pirate. Vaan and Penelo should have been axed. Then the game would be good. And if the battle system was an ATB/realtime hybrid with enemies present on the overworld map and all four characters in the party at all times, it would have been an awesome game.
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