#6642386, By Slipstream Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

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    The first one was awful, apart from the aesthetics it was serverly lacking in the gameplay department, and the Ultimate Adventure mode was a joke.

    Storm II has exceeded my expectations in every aera, whilst I had planned to purchase the game regardless I cannot put it down, the adventure mode is fantastic allowin you to see the story from the view points of every character, very true to the anime and Manga. With lots of extras to do like side missions and the like.

    The actually gameplay has been ramped up, having characters take on the various support modes ands flair and quite some intense strategy to the battle, I've not played this online yet but I can see some great fights going on against some skilled players.

    At first I was slightly concerned about the shortening the ultimate jutsu animation but that's no longer an issue, it's perfect as the battles are fast paced and have enough style to substitute the additional length of the Ultimates anyway.

    All in all a very impressive game, the demo doesn't give you access to half of the attacks and options as it's like the 2nd battle in the game and is a boss battle anyway where restrictions apply, but you get amazing, AMAZING QTE sequences.

    Naruto fans should already have this and if you're umming or ahh-ing, try the demo, and if you liked that, I promise you it gets better.
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