#6642736, By NimbusTLD Which game has made you want to purchase a console/computer?

  • NimbusTLD 17 Oct 2010 02:10:47 65 posts
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    Dreamcast - Soul Calibur
    PS2 - Ico
    PS3 - Uncharted 2
    360 - Bayonetta (yes I know there is a PS3 version, but no way I'm playing that substandard port!)

    That's all the consoles I've owned if I remember correctly, I usually do most of my gaming on PC :) There are some games which have made me want to upgrade my graphics card though!

    Voodoo1 - GLQuakeWorld
    Voodoo2 - Final Fantasy VII
    GeForce256 - Quake III Arena

    edit: LOL @ ElNino9 for putting GT5 for his reason for getting a PS3!!!! Are you living in the future mate? ;)
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