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    I have been been quite critical of the quality of 1080p upscaling of my PS3 vs my 360 on my 1080p LCD monitor (not a TV). It looks very blocky, compared to the 360s smoother upscaled image. I thought it was the PS3's poor upscaling, but recently after bringing my 360 to a friend's house I had left it set to 720p (his TV didn't support 1080p) and when I got home I noticed the same blockiness on my own monitor with the 360 now, leading me to believe the blocky upscaling is my monitor's and not the PS3's fault.

    I have my PS3 set to 1080p only (none of the other options are ticked), does anyone know if it will always output a 1080p signal, or will it output whatever the native resolution the running game renders at?
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