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    FFXIII is 720p for gameplay and 1080p for cutscenes.

    That is true, but the signal is ALWAYS 1080p, with the 720p gameplay upscaled by either the game or the PS3 itself. This is obvious when you bring up the XMB which is crystal clear 1080p.

    wishlen, I'm not sure you understand what I want to know.

    Maybe FFXIII provides the missing link. The gameplay is upscaled very nicely, none of that blockiness which I notice in other games, so I am inclined to believe that 720p games are output to my monitor at 720p, which appears fails badly at upscaling to its native resolution.

    Anyone know for sure if I am right?

    edit: thanks for the suggestion, I will try checking 720p and see if the image quality improves or stays the same :)
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