#5959909, By Veracity On for all the anti Daily Mail people... oh, that's everyone then?

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    famous_roy wrote:
    Sue Knobend is freaking hot. So jealous of Joe.
    You wish you had a hot sister?

    Earlier complaint I can't be arsed to dig back for about Mail readers who profess to pay no attention to it then trot out some drivel they found in there as fact is significant, I think. Papers and news media in general worm into your head more than most really give them credit for.

    This is only discussable on here at all because everyone who frequents EG is so weirdly old (which probably isn't true, anyway, but never mind). Aren't newspapers in terminal decline because everyone's playing 3d iGames and twatting about them using space phones?

    How about an EG adopt-a-chav initiative? Sounds very Reithian. Buy them edifying video games or...something.
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