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    JBlokeUK wrote:
    Final Fantasy XIII by a fair distance.

    One of the very best games I've played this gen.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this game but really wanted to love it more. I think EGs review of it earlier this year hit the nail right on the head - it felt so reactionary to peoples responses to FFXII. I enjoyed FFXII in principle but i found the story drab and dull. Sure it was a departure and the political side was interesting but the characters were dull, it felt quite cliche and even after close to 20 hours playtime it didnt feel like much had happened.

    However it gave the series a nice burst of life in terms of the freedom in class building and the combat being a lot more real time. Now i loved the combat in FFXIII but i disliked how constricted you were for the majority of the game. It isn't until like...disc 3 you can really decide how you want to build your characters and by then its kinda already been done for you. By this point Hope Lightening and Fang made such a great team i saw little reason messing around with them.
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