#8106585, By siro Bug reporting & feedback

  • siro 24 Oct 2011 07:19:48 1,868 posts
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    Things I'd like to be fixed and can think of right now.

    1. Too white:
    The old EG was already the brightest page I visit and now the dial has been turned up. I can't make out the grey lines between posts or around the quotes. It's the nature of my notebook display, but it isn't a problem on any other site I visit or program I use.
    Suggestion: Add alternative colour schemes

    2. Easy NSFW toggle:
    I don't want to use separate profiles at home/work, but I actually like profile pics, etc., so I don't want to turn them off permanently.
    Suggestion: One button similar to the Mobile/Portable/HD one or a profile setting 1/2 switch on top of the site.

    3. Group integration:
    Own group threads back onto the normal forum pages, please.
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