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    As an Opera user I am probably in the minority but there are two things that are really bothering me:

    1) Scrolling to the bottom of a page after the comments have loaded is incredibly slow from time to time. Of course I am currently unable to reproduce this - maybe it's just happening on my machine at work. I'll double check again tomorrow. Scrolling only suffers when the browser needs to render the comments, it's just fine when only the main content is visible even after comments have loaded.

    2) The text boxes for comment or forum posts do not behave like they should, which is by far the bigger problem. The cursor movement is screwed - if I press up the cursor does not just go up one line but it also jumps to the beginning of the line. It's driving me crazy because it makes proof-reading / editing posts 10 times as tedious as it already is. Turning off JavaScript fixes it. I don't even dare to ask why a text box even needs js code to track cursor movements but oh well - at least please fix it so that it behaves like any other textbox :) It would make my life so much better. This has been broken since release, I was hoping it would get fixed along all the other small things that needed fixing :)


    3) I changed my avatar about two weeks ago; Took a few days to update some of the sizes, however the avatar shown in the comment threads/forum is still the old one. I think it changed on all the various profile views though. It should be Mega Man without the helmet, maybe it's also down to caching.

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