#6901985, By Picnic Sega Mega Drive Vs Super Nintendo!

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    Well it's true that the Megadrive did sell more than the SNES in the UK, jazzy geoff (and the SNES sold more worldwide).

    And these are my opinions:

    And this will have partly been because the NES wasn't massively successful here. The Master System didn't exactly seem to set most people's world on fire either. This is because the Commodore Amiga had already been launched with greater visuals and a greater range of games (which also allowed more user interactivity such as paint and music programs) . And the Megadrive may have seemed a more natural console fit for the many people who owned an Amiga here who also wanted to own a console- Sega's urban, edgy style seemed to fit more with that machine in my opinion but their games did go beyond mere posing. You only have to look at the later Dreamcast games like Jet Set Radio for ample evidence that there was some serious imagination at Sega.

    You rude man! Wash your mouth out!
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