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    cheekybyname wrote:
    jidnffc wrote:
    I have an iPhone. I love it dearly. That said, I am yet to find a single game that occupies my interest for more half an hour. As a gaming platform it's rubbish IMO. And being over a year old, it's started being ridiculously slow, which is kind of off the point but still really annoying.

    And having just spend a good twenty minutes reading through this thread it's provided the exact level of amusement, amazement and minor irritation I was hoping for and I wish to thank you all for your contributions.

    What were the highlights for you ?? :D

    I liked the giraffes and hippopotami, and the recent video footage :D

    Well the videos were what sucked me in, but's in been such a rollercoaster ride it feels unfair to single out any one for especial praise.

    Giraffes are rather cool though, only behind penguins, which I've just realised is the mascot for a competitor OS for Apple... it's an animal based conspiracy!!!!!
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