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    Well, I can't get into exact details about the game and things in it until I get the word from EA PR but I can give my impressions and a break down of the trip.

    Arrived in Canada after two cancelled flights, two switch overs and my luggage being sent out to Alaska (got it back early Thursday morning). After walking around the city for an hour like a lost child I got a taxi and checked in and went across the street to the meeting spot for a sit down and get to know everyone thing.  

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    Alain Quinto the Community Manager of EA FN Forums was there to give us the break down for the next two days and what was expected of us.  

    Day 1:  EA Canada

    Arrived at the Studio and met the Dev team and went into the Projection Room for a presentation.  Me(Indigo72) and Reignmaka had a list of stuff lined up to ask about the game. They started the presentation and gave us some back ground on the FNR4 sells and target audiences.  They then went into the new things added on to Fight Night Champions.  There were times when me and reign were about to ask a question and immediately they presented something and we put our hands down.  Times we looked at each other in amazement and performed the no look high five as we looked back toward the screen.  To say I was amazed at the direction is an understatement.  After that we were taking into the testing area for some one on one matches with each other, the CPU and the devs.  

    I was impressed with what I saw.  It just seems that they were listening to what we wanted and suggested.  Than after a few sessions we had a immediate sit down and discussion sessions with the Devs.  They were very willing to listen and open totally to our suggestions.  After that they took notes and had us go for lunch and discussion again and off for more game time,  We were in there putting in some serious time trying to find concerns problems, seeking if we could perform exploits, the whole nine yards.  We than had another feedback session and talked with the team about what we found, what we had a concern with and what we were and weren't happy with.  And sure enough they were writing down everything asking us to be upfront, follow up questions.  We asked about certain things and they confirmed.  Once again me and reignmaka performed a no look hi five as the rest smiled and seemed pleased as well with hue direction.

    We went back into the game again for more time  and then went fot dinner before we had a mini tournament.  Winner got a pair of golden gloves with the devs signatures. Mi was ok because I brought my Everlast boxing boots and got them signed in silver marker.   We played the tourney and afterwards filled out somethings and went back at it until we got kicked out...lol until tomorrow.  I laid up all night talking about.  What we saw what we did and how it all played out.  

    Day 2

    We went back in the studio after a big breakfast.  Met in the room again with the devs as they showed us a video and explained some more things.  (once again folks....no look hi five and all of us were extremely excited). No, not giddy and glassy eyed, not at all, we were just throughly impressed with what we seen. Afterwards, we went back and dived into the game again.  I was on this thing drooling.  No lie.  Afterwards, we met with the devs for another feedback sessions (see the pattern here because they were serious about any problems hiccups or concerns and we were brutally honest with them and they were totally receptive.  You can see how serious they were with trying to make this a dunk from the foul line with a between the leg mixed in). Afterwards we dived into some other parts after lunch and then we met with the PR department about their marketing and that was encouraging because they took us seriously when we told them what we (as customers) would be interested in seeing.  

    Back on the sticks again we went at it.  Another mini tournament and other things I can't get into detail about but the end result was a smooth sailing type moment.  We had another feedback session with the devs about some things and once again pen and paper in hand with dozens of notes on them.  

    We were in the all night long folks....

    It was a great experience and I am glad I took the opportunity given to me.  I am very excited, hopeful and anticipating the release of this title.  I can safely say that I will be on this game a heck of a lot more than before because of what they have to offer.  
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