#6708638, By Mike_Hunt Unemployed could face compulsory manual labour

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    richardtock wrote:
    Micro_Explosion. wrote:
    It's been possible to teach yourself skills for free since libraries existed. If the Government doesn't do it then I'm not sure there's a good reason that the people don't take responsibility for it themselves.

    Most unemployed people are those with low skillsets and qualifications. A large proportion of them also can't read. A library is no good for them. Also: they're also likely to have failed at school. Learning something like Maths GCSE (which they then have to find an examination centre for and pay to sit) from a book is hard. We don't just give kids the book and tell them to teach themselves.
    But how is giving them money for nothing helping them? Seriously. It puts food on the table, granted, but it won't help them find employment either.

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