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    Did you play as a Dunmer by any chance? ;)

    Morrowind ties for my favourite game ever (Deus Ex being the other one), and I ended up killing Vivec too. Not for the same reason as you mind, merely to... test myself. See, I had built up my character to be quite powerful, to put it mildly, and after killing that other god (can't remember his name) as part of a quest, I thought to take on Vivec too! Easily whooped his ass. Still couldn't kill that fucker who had the full daedric armour set, CURSE HIM!

    Spent most of the game concentrating on wearing heavy armour, but towards the end of the game when my acrobatics skill maxed out, I became obsessed with being as light as possible, wearing a glass armour set and a weapon and nothing else. I loved how your weight directly affected the speed you could run and the height you could jump! I moved like some awesome ninja!

    Never read any books in that game, I could never be bothered. Gosh, I can imagine I would have spent a lot more than 100 hours on that island if I had!

    All hail the Nerevarine!
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