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    Welcome fight fans. This is Anthony aka UntiltheNxtRnd with the first part of my Gameplay Impressions. This will be the first of four/five possible parts (depending on how much I wanna give or keep from you all. I mean come on now, do you really want a trailer telling you everything about movie you are going to see So sit back and get ready for the first part dedicated to my impressions on Gameplay and my Impressions on the New Additions to Legacy Mode will be spread out as well.

    Point One-New Full Spectrum Control system will now give players who choose to use analog stick more ability to throw various types of punches, thus increasing your arsenal. Combos can come off quick, but the stamina was draining the basic three punch. However, the (deleted section... (addressed later on) addresses that concern of ripping off your combos needed, because let's face it folks: Not everyone can throw combos like everyone else!

    Point Two-Buttons are in the game from the start. For all the button users. However the ability to throw those various types of punches is gone for the button user (sorry no overhand rights button combos, unless you use the buttons and stick). Button users are still able to be competitive with Analog users (trust me I saw it) and the FSPC system.

    Point Three-The Punch Modifier: This new feature give user the ability to add power to your punches. The punch modifier is similar to the mechanic in a game where the user can either swing for contact or swing for the fences (with a risk reward for the latter if landed or missed). Concerns I have are that users will just hold onto the Punch Modifier and swing away. A solution to this possible exploit is to make sure the stamina is decreased during attempts. Whether it is missed or connected stamina should decrease (and trust me folks it does!)

    Tune in soon to my blog to check out some more fine points on the game. If you have a questions (that I'm allowed to answer at the time...EA Ninjas are watching folks) Feel free to drop a line in the comment section!

    Until the next round.....
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