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    MatMan562 wrote:
    I found out the other day that they dropped co-op in the campaign. Does anybody know why? A mate and I had fun playing through WfC together and we were both looking forward to doing the same with this.

    I definately wonr be picking it up until it's cheaper and my mate might not get it at all because of this.
    They said they were dropping it so they could do "the awesome story". Except there's totally hardly any of the game that wouldn't be totally fine in coops (when you're being Bruticus or Grimlock a second player might feel a bit left out what with you smashing all the fools).

    I reckon they just thought it was a bit too much effort to balance..

    Anyway, I've gotten up to the last level, playing on Hard, and it's frequently more frustrating bullshit than actually hard, so many things will basically murder you instantly whilst sponging up masses of bullets themselves (shotgunners, particularly, can fuck right off).

    Until you get to be Megatron with the upgrades for the Riot Cannon and vehicle weapons, in which case you'll ruin people's shit all day every day and feel like the unstoppable engine of destruction you should have been from the start.

    And then you get to be Grimlock and ruin even more people in the face. And you'll be thinking "man, the next one of these needs to be called "Transformers: Megatron and Grimlock fuck everyone up forever"
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