#7679218, By MrVengeance Your Most Loved GameCube game EVER!!?

  • MrVengeance 17 Jul 2011 00:05:29 135 posts
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    Kay wrote:
    From what I remember the PAL version of Ikaruga wasn't optimised properly for 60hz, and so was slow and jerky. You might want to sell it off and go for the XBLA version, which has a bunch of other extras as well.

    I'd love to get my hands on Paper Mario: TYD.

    I found no problems with PAL Ikaruga - played like a dream. I got the 360 version too and see no real difference, resolution aside, between the two.

    For the record, Ikaruga is my second favourite GameCube game of all time - first being Resi 4. I'd put REmake as my third favourite, then Baton Kaitos or Wave Race: Blue Storm next.

    Great system. I think I'm going to begin collecting GameCube games in ernest some day soon.... I've got about 30 right now - would love about 20 more at least.
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