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    -Separation tactics: The Pushing mechanic is back in the game for those who wish to create distance or to put their opponents in the ropes or corner. A new and well received feature now is the ability to use the shoulder for separation during in fighting moments. The motion is spot on and creates just enough distance or a user to move out of harms way or to set up a power short shot for the momentum swing. 

    -Illegal Blows: The intentional headbutt and low blow are back in the game. Tools that were used often as cheat tactics to avoid being knocked out or getting an advantage to KD someone again are in the system and placed on the directional pad. It was a bother at times when fighting and accidentally hitting my opponent in the family jewels occurring. A suggestion is to use the power modifier button in combination with the directional pad to let the fouls occur thus making it less likely to accidentally cause the fouls or in other instances known that you are really making an effort to cause the foul as well on purpose (shame on you). Offender can be hurt and victim can get an adrenaline boost.

    -Footwork: Seems to be improved in the game. I didn't see moments where I can skip around the ring like Ali but the heel to toe mechanic was there and looked as if an actual step was being taking around the ring instead of the appearance of the boxers sliding across the mat without lifting their feet. The speed needs to be tweaked a lil in regards to the moments when against the rope and in the corner if you wanted to get out of the area. From distances the flow around the ring is at a speedy pace, however when close up it is a slow grind which can appear to be the "sucked in the sandtrap" moment from Round 4.

    Reflexive Blocking-One button block control is now an option. The user can now try to use the analog stick along with the block trigger to stop the punch from landing. Or just hold the trigger button down and get your Winky Wright and Joshua Clottey on (no I am not confirming Clottey is in the game...what do you think I am some writer from a British gaming magazine with a woody for David Haye (who I am not confirming nor denying in the game) and by the way folks, yes you can punch from the guard. But, remember that Edison Miranda vs Arthur Abraham fight? Yeah, keep thinking that guard is gonna block everything buddy. Depending on the reflex ability of the boxer you choose (or build) don't think you can go to town on the reflex one touch system.  However, I noticed during a bout that Terminald held C45H to 14% connect rating. Lmao...sounds like Mayweather vs Marquez results.

    Stamina- Is now based on not only endurance but also Conditioning. Arms and Torso now have stamina. So, for all you 100 jab throws per round and 200 punches a minute spambots...enjoy yourselves! Ohh, you spinners too...I did say torso right? Your legs too I believe for you non conditioned runners.

    Automatic Recovery- Well, you won't have the benefits of moving a stick back and forth to either: A) Rub Enswell for swelling or B) rub a Q-Tip in a cut (Brizzo said it folks not me) in Round 3. You also won't get the chance to save all your points from in round achievements and then spend them all in the 6th round to max your stamina or health back to how you walked in the ring like in Round 4. Now, the way you perform during rounds matter. You still wanna throw 1000 punches in the round go for it, but don't expect your corner to perform a miracle and get you back all your stamina. You don't wanna defend your face and keep letting your opponent fire away on that nasty cut than your corner won't really be able to help keep the damage down if you don't give the medicine time to clot the bleeding.

    -Legacy Mode: Is back and appears to introduce money (ohhh yes folks time to get paid), a more detailed amateur tourney (better in appearance and presentation than last year with the introduction of the the actual point system seen in the amateurs) and training camp invites. You can choose to start the legacy of your own or recreate (not exactly of course) a current licensed fighter legacy. 

    I didn't get the chance to play through it long. I went through the amateur tournament (awarded the American shorts and gloves....yeaaaaah....sarcasm folks).  You can now earn money which gets you access to work on certain attributes such as chin, stamina, speed etc... Depending on the gym you go and work out in. It was reconfirmed based on reports from my fellow Mod C45H, you are now able to travel around the world and attend training camps to help build your fighter for a price of course thru various mini games (10 total believe). However, if not cautious you can over train and go into your match at a low percent of stamina. Belts are in the weight divisions (three) and hopefully they fixed the problem where if you didn't defend one belt you lose all three. A special achievement if you finish your career as the G.O.A.T. Hmmm? Progression goes up the same later, with the chance to interact with you training schedule to get popular with the fans..

    The mode doesn't feel as wash, rinse, dry repeat as it did last year but the addition of the training camps and the new XP Point system will keep users on the mode longer than before to hopefully make their dream boxer.  

    They gotta name for the WINNERS in the world. I want a name when I LOSE. They call Alabama the "Crimson Tide". Call me Deacon Blues!!!
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