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  • Sircav 22 Nov 2010 05:27:54 8 posts
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    It begin with a Atari 600 xl homecomputer with datasete and games like space invaders.
    Then upgrade to Commodore 64 (Bards Tale, defender of the Crown, Pirates and many many more)
    Then Sega Mastersystem followed from a NES.
    Then of course SNES and Genesis.
    Then Saturn and PSX and N64.
    Now was the time for Dreamcast.
    Followed from Gamecube, PS2, XBOX.
    At last all of the current consoles.
    I would rate the in this Order:
    1. Commodore 64
    2. NES SNES
    3. PSX
    4. Dreamcast
    Then the rest 8)
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