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    Hello all, apologies for starting a new thread, but I could not find what I was looking for...


    My PS3 (60Gb, bought at launch) is dead with the blinking red light (no yellow light though). It does three short beeps when switched on and that's it.

    Tried disconnecting-reconnecting all the cables, removed and reinserted the HDD, also replaced it with a new larger one ( 2.5' SATA, 5400 rpm, 500Gb) but no luck.

    As the console gave me warnings a few days ago (basically, it did the same red light thing, but it turned back on, after a few attempts), I had the entire contents of the HDD backed up on an external device.

    Given the premises, and since I have no time and no tools for trying self-repair following youtube videos, I am now inclined to send the console to sony.


    [u]1) saves locked to hardware ID[/u]

    I read in a few places that most save games are locked to the hardware (motherboard serial number?). I've also read that it is very likely that sony will send me a refurbished model (so, different hardware). This means that when I'll try to restore the HDD contents from my backup it will not let me restore all the save games. Can anybody confirm this? It goes without saying that this would be a huge damage for me.

    [u]2) hardware authorization[/u]

    I also read somewhere that my console has been "authorized" when I originally activated my PSN account, and that I can authorize max 5 consoles. I guess that authorizing is needed in order to be able to re-download content from my PSN account (thus, I don't believe I will be able to restore DLC from my backup). Since I assume that authorization is also linked to a hardware identifier, and the refurbished console will most likely have a different serial, I'll need to "spend" another authorization. As I did not de-authorize my now-dead PS3, does it mean that I lost one of my 5 options forever? Or maybe I can tell sony to deauthorize the console that I am sending in?

    [u]3) personal PSN information[/u]

    I am planning to send the console to sony without its original HDD, unless they ask me to include it. However I am afraid that my personal PSN data (e.g. credit card number) may be stored somewhere else in the hardware (flash memory or similar?). Maybe I am crazy, and I should trust sony repair; still, I am a little worried.

    [u]4) ps2 compatibility[/u]

    In my mind, I have already accepted that I will lose this one. It is unlikely that the refurbished model will retain this built-in hardware feature that my 60Gb launch model had.

    [u]5) ethernet transfer thing[/u]

    Last point: I read somewhere that the new ps3 firmware provides a feature for transferring contents between two consoles using an ethernet cable. I know that this is not an option for me, because my console is dead, but I was wondering if it would be worth buying a new console, placing it on the side of the dead one, and try for several days to turn on the old one, hoping for the miracle to happen… If it did happen, I was wondering:
    would the transfer remove the authorization from the old one, so that I still have my 5 options? would my locked saves be transferred to the new system? how about DLC? how about PSN account info?

    In conclusion:

    Here I am. Sorry for the long post. Any suggestion will be much appreciated. The critical point for me is savegames, all the rest I can do without. If the option is to loose most of my savegames, I am willing to try all that I can before sending the console to sony: additional checks for trying to revive the console? maybe no yellow light is a good sign? Reparing services that let you keep your hardware ID? Online procedures for authorizing/deauthorizing through a PC? Thanks in advance
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