#9694560, By mothercruncher Gran Turismo 6 (GT6)

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    If you haven't played since 3, then it'll feel like more rev than ev -olution.
    It feels like GT5 all over again to me though, which is both good and bad as I said.

    It's pretty slick, great- if very "clean"- to look at, has a decent basic driving model. But there are lots of issues for me personally. The tyre temperature modelling is still terrible, the crash physics and effects virtually non-existent and the audio weirdly off too. The 350 in the demo sounds like a Cylon driving a sit on lawn mower.

    I dunno, more of the same and not a bad thing, but it's like the team are just incapable of taking the best bits of the competition, swallowing their pride and adding their take on them.

    I was hoping to be blown away, but it's merely "ok". Not a good impression for a systems flagship racing game.
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