#9698079, By MatMan562 Gran Turismo 6 (GT6)

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    I just played the demo for the first time properly (it crashed on my actual first time) and enjoyed it. As I'm not a car enthusiast I get that this isn't really the game for me but one thing that really confused me in the whole thing is why the default controls have x and square as accelerate and brake respectively. Can anyone explain? Is it just because the triggers are generally considered pretty bad? I know the face buttons are pressure sensitive but it's still not the same as triggers because it takes a lot of thought whereas triggers feel much more natural.

    Anyway, after changing the controls, taking part in the initial 4 events and givivg the first time trial a try, I like it but I'm not blown away by it. The graphics don't seem anywhere near as good as the trailer suggested but maybe that's because we've had all the next-gen stuff since then. I probably wont get it though as I'll likely get either Driveclub or Forza later on in the year and wouldn't play this enough of this in the meantime.
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