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    No CL football, an unknown and failing manager, and a failing mediocre squad which will lose it's two best players in the summer. Anyone who thinks Utd will be attracting the likes of Mata and Dante or even Cabaye anytime soon is deluded.
    I'm sorry. I had to.
    Haha. When I suggested we should get ourselves in for Mata after his hissy fit at Southampton, quite a few people were quick to laugh it off in here.

    To be honest I don't think anyone saw it coming.
    Nobody saw it coming because selling a good player to a rival club is never a good idea. When was the last time one of the best players was allowed to go from one top 4 club to another? Van Persie is the only example I can think of and that probably only happened because Arsene didn't see Arsenal as a direct rival to Utd.

    Do you think Chelsea would even think about selling to Utd if Utd were challenging for the title? Chelsea don't play Utd again this season and Mata will help take points off Arsenal and City. As I said earlier its very short term thinking by Chelsea, it certainly helps them this season, but in the long run Utd are a far bigger threat to Chelsea than Liverpool or Spurs. Why give them a leg up in their team rebuild?

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