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    Ironlungs76 wrote:
    cú12m FAN which, in my book, is pretty decent seeing as he was the driving force of LFC for the latter part of last season.

    Still an odd transfer for me, I can't see why LFC would want to sell him (other than for the cash obv) right at deadline. There are reasons I can't see though I'm sure :)
    Definitely wasnt a driving force (not revisionism, its a simple fact the he doesnt have the authority to put a stamp on a game like say, Gerrard can). That was Gerrard or Suarez after January. Outside of that goalscoring run he didnt do a MASSIVE amount for us (he was very decent though).

    People who think that his transfer request was done at 10.30pm, during which time we agreed a fee, got docs signed and did the medical seem to be ignoring the possibility that we've been sat on it all day/a few days and agreed with Chelsea to hold back the info incase it affected other targets etc.

    And the other reason is, if you dont want to be at the club, do one, we don't want you, no matter how good you are. Probably would have been different before Fenway, but we can now afford to stand up to players (to some extent). Whilst I admire Spurs stance with Modric, they now have a player who doesnt want to be there, and who is going to get a lot of stick from fans. We've dodged that bullet, but then Modric is more important to Spurs as a team than Raul was to Liverpool.

    Oh and the final reason is, whilst he is a good player, and we are weaker without him (although we're massively stronger since this time last year), he simply wouldnt get game time as an out and out attacking midfielder (he is scared shitless of putting his foot in so can't play in a two man midfield). Gerrard, Suarez, Henderson, Bellamy (to a degree) and Downing will all occupy that spot at times in the season, especially if its in behind Carroll.

    Would like to have got a few more mill for him, and again, I'm not saying he was no good for us, but I cant say I'm that distraught at losing him.

    Any other whingers like him, Yossi and Torres will all get sent to the Bridge as punishment.
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