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    Problem is that we were great going forward against Utd, but shocking defensively. Also, the team is looking more and more disjointed. Also, against Utd, how many times did we test De GAYer?

    Against Arsenal it was same old, same old.

    All this coupled with the fact that Arsenal now have momentum and experience at getting over the finish line. As do the Chelsea players.

    We're also entering into the stage of the season where the "lesser" times now really have something to play for and atm., we're not liking it up us. Scott Parker is looking tired. Modric is playing "ok" not great. Bale is trying to compensate on both wings. Adebayor, though playing well, isn't scoring. Ledley is now looking like an old man.

    Now it's not all doom and gloom, but I genuinely think Arsenal and Chelsea will finish above us. We'll win moer than we'll lose, but it won't be enough.
    Well, you are being pretty doom and gloom there. Not sure you could be much more doom and gloom than suggesting we'll Chelsea make up a seven point gap.

    And actually most of the teams we have left to play are mid table teams like Swansea, Everton, Sunderland, Stoke, Norwich and Fulham, who aren't generally hard to beat at this stage as they have nothing to play for. In fact the only relegation teams we have left to play are Bolton and Blackburn, and quite possibly Villa, and to suggest they are a great threat is also pretty doom and gloom I reckon.

    There's a difference between realism and pessimism. I know you think you're doing the former but I'm fairly sure it's actually the latter.

    It's my most hates type of doom and gloom, done purely so that in the event that we do fuck it up you get to go "told you so" and if we don't fuck it up you don't care. It's getting very tiresome.

    To suggest that Arsenal and Chelsea will finish ahead of us is quite incredible. Not I ly do Chelsea have to make up seven points on us over eleven fixtures but they even play Arsenal meaning one of them will drop at least two points. Chelsea also still need to play us, Newcastle, Liverpool and City as well as Arsenal. Their other six games include 4 or the bottom five who as you rightly say are much tougher than midtae teams in this period (we only play two). Their other games are Stoke and Fulham who we also have.

    Yes our form right now is bad, losing three ad drawing 1 of our last six. Those four fixtures were Liverpool away, City away, Arse away and Man U home. A poor run but a bloody tough one. Chelsea's form is even worse with one win and three draws in a much easier last six games.

    Arsenal's run in is very similar to ours but where we have Swansea (h), Sunderland (a), Bolton (a), Blackburn (h), Fulham (h) they have
    Newcastle (h), City (h), Wolves (a), Wigan (h), West Brom(a). I'm not sure what convinces you that they will get four more points from that run than we will from ours (assuming we do same in our comparative fixtures.

    Anyway, if you wanna go into the tail end of the season expecting the worst fine but it's baseless and boring by now.
    Arsenal and Chelsea have qualified for the Champions league every year since 1994 and 1998 respectively, finishing above Tottenham each year. So to suggest Arsenal and Chelsea will finish above Tottenham isn't that 'incredible'.

    As stated already, both Arsenal and Chelsea have more experience at closing out a season effectively, and it is quite plausible they will both put pressure on Spurs during the run in. Chelsea's key players will be out to prove a point with AVB's departure and Arsenal with Wilshere will be a more consistent force.

    Again, Tottenham's remaining fixtures are the classic games Spurs should win but they will struggle to take maximum points from Everton, Sunderland, Stoke, and Norwich.

    Some of the reactions on here because of an opinion which is not gushing in praise of Tottenham are ridiculous. I can understand the OP's feeling of relative disappointment - for Spurs to go on such a great run and then come unstuck at a critical stage of the season is obviously disappointing, especially considering Spurs' history of promising more than they deliver. That's not to say the season as a whole has been disappointing, just the recent form, results, injuries and the fortunes of the nearest competition is concerning. Quite a balanced opinion really.

    I wonder how much of the responses are actually about a football discussion or hiding inadequacies by appearing superior and having the last word on public forum.

    Chill out.
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