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    I think Harry's done a great job at Spurs.

    Their first half of the season was fantastic, they've petered out majorly in the second half but it's a bit OTT to want him sacked, surely?

    Fifth or sixth is a good return for Spurs considering the spending power other clubs have in relation. Harry took a struggling, desperate side under Ramos, steadied the ship and got them playing attractive football. They were talked about for the title halfway through the season, which is insane given the resources compared to United and City. They were always likely to drop off.

    Liverpool fans have more of a reason for wanting Dalglish out, for example, and they seem to want to stick with him, and fair play to them.

    I understand Spurs fans will be upset that they've been in frankly awful form, but sacking a manager the minute things go pear shaped isn't always the answer. And fifth, 3 points behind fourth is not sacking territory, surely?

    I do think the England talk has unsettled them, and I agree (I think Kalel said it) that perhaps he needs to go if his heart's not in it any more. But sacking him on the basis of fifth seems wrong to me, crazy expectation level.

    Be careful what you wish for I say, remember sacking Jol after finishing fifth and getting Ramos?

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