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    I do get that feeling about Arsenal tbh TH. I think Wenger's a great manager and deserves huge respect but I think they might need a change just to shake people out of their comfort zone. Arsenal with the likes of Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Adams, Keown etc always seemed to have that iron will and fire to go with all the talent, it just doesn't seem to be there now. But again, third is good when you look at the resources of United and City, Arsenal have a much stronger financial footing (i.e. have a sustainable model whereas United are in massive debt and City reliant on an individual) and are well run.

    If you want real madness - there are United fans on my Facebook saying things like 'Fergie's lost it' - happens every year and every year he proves them wrong. Insane. I'm a United fan and our lot are as bad as anyone for spoilt knee-jerk reactions, I have a mate who is a huge United fan and has always hated Fergie. I don't get it! There is huge value in terms of team spirit in keeping a team together over years, and that's why United are still up there with players who perhaps aren't as good in key positions as in years past.

    Mind you, when I look back to United with a midfield of Giggs-Keane-Scholes-Beckham (or Ronaldo) I hanker back to those days myself, even as a spoilt git United fan. You never realise at the time but what I'd give for those players in their prime now!

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