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    City deserved that, and if they win the title, they'll deserve that too. Gutted but the best team won, no complaints.

    I said when we were 8 points clear it wasn't over, and it still isn't. City look very strong though, and I think it's a bit rich for us to complain about them having loads of money when we've nicked everyone else's best players for years. City were better, end of, they deserve it. Fair play, we just need to come back stronger.

    Speaking as a football fan, I have to admit that the likes of Hart, Kompany, Silva and Aguero (can't bring myself to include Tevez) are quality, great to watch and I'm glad they're in the Prem. It hurts but that's football. You can't moan about teams being better than you, you just have to improve. Far from ruining football, I'd argue that Abramovich was good for United - he pushed us on to achieve more, and hopefully that will happen again.

    Going off my Facebook friends list, our fanbase is full of spoilt gits who have never known anything other than winning everything. City were excellent, don't think we'd have beaten them with Welbeck / Tony V if I'm honest. We aren't going anywhere, we're still a great side and I love our team and philosophy. No point whinging, best team won, but it's not over and we'll be back. We just have to improve. When Mourinho came, United responded, we have to respond again and show some strength of character. If City win the title over 38 games, they'll deserve it, no complaints here.

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