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    thedaveeyres wrote:
    Brownshoe wrote:
    time will only tell regarding Balotelli but didnt people say similar about rooney in his younger years ?
    I don't remember Rooney repeatedly attempting to break fellow professional's legs week in, week out when things weren't going 100% his way. Time has already told - he's a very talented fucking idiot and a liability.

    Any manager who'd let a player take an unprecedented 6 months off on strike over a bruised ego, swan about bad-mouthing him and the club, and then welcome him back with open arms to continue to play for the club is weak as fuck.
    Give over man , stop believing everything you read in the papers , Mancini had no option , Tevez was still under contract , his proposed sale to PSG in Jan didnt go ahead so what we he supposed to do ?
    As for Balo trying to break a players legs week in week out ??? :confused:
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