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    kalel wrote:
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    I feel for clubs like Spurs who try so hard to keep their best players but the likes of Man City, Chelsea, Madrid etc will always get them.

    Yes they get a lot of money in return, but what use is it when they'll never have the clout to find a replacement who's as good, or better than the player just sold?

    The premier league will be as predictable as ever this season. Shame.
    You have to be realistic. It's about progress. Clubs like us have to buy up and comers and hopefully they improve us and move us on to the next level (which ours have) but if they become world class, they will leave.

    However, we make good money, and because of where they've got us, we can buy a better class of player with that money.

    It's a shame, but you have to say it's gone according to plan and not be too bitter. I don't begrudge players like that for wanting to play for clubs like Madrid and United.
    I disagree. I don't see it as progress myself when clubs like Spurs are in effect a feeder club for the likes of United and Chelsea.

    Will we see Spurs win the premiership or champions league in the next 10 years? I can't see it.

    I guess it goes back to the old "money is ruining football" argument?
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