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  • Deleted user 2 December 2012 12:01:25
    mikeck wrote:

    So happy that Spurs won, that first goal completely changed the game, and Defoe is on rampant form. AVB made a great point about Bale, yes he's getting a reputation, but in the past players have made bad/tough challenges on him (with intent too; I'm mainly thinking of that mad cunt Adam. Will never forgive him for those two terrible challenges he's made on Bale - both times taking him out of action).

    I can't blame a player for going down easy when you have glass ankles, better to get a card then fuck your ankle again (I realise this goes completely against my moans about Bale in previous weeks, but AVB's point has really stuck in my mind).

    Edit- ADAM, not Adams :p
    Glad that MOTD and Goals on sunday (im watching GOS - ITS SHIT. missed MOTD last night) actualyl stuck up for bale yesterday. If bale doesn;t go over sidwell properly fucks up bales legs. He went down a bit OTT, but it was clearly a foul in our favour.

    When we were in the CL a few seasons back, we were taught a lesson, particualry from Real Madrid. They were so clever in winning the soft fouls, and dives against us which cost us goals. The likes of Milan, Inter were good at it too. From then on, yeah we have looked for fouls alot more than we ever did, but bale was fouled yesterday.

    Suarez should have had a pen too.
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