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  • Deleted user 15 January 2013 10:18:02
    Shikasama wrote:
    neilqpr wrote:
    I'm not sure how we've 'hijacked' a deal for a player we'e been chasing since before Harry even came in. Mbia tweeted 2 months ago saying Remy would come to us.

    I'm not saying a big bundle of notes handed from Harry's land rover window didn't move things along, but we've been after him for a long time as well.
    Harry very literally said that when he went to France recently Remy wouldn't even meet with him because he was embarrassed to say he had no interest in joining QPR. Said exactly that.
    I'm not saying he hasn't changed his mind. All this 'hijack' talk implies another team did all the leg work and we gazumped them. We've been in the running as long as Newcastle, but have subsequently thrown bundles of cash in his general direction, which unsurprisingly made him change his mind.
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