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    THFourteen wrote:
    Shikasama wrote:So it only counts if the money spent is beyond what you earn?

    Podolski, Cazorla and Giroud are all Champions League signings.
    But thats the whole point, we are earning a bucketload. Earnings dont just come from transfers, they come from the whole shebang, and we are making money hand over fist, and yet not investing that money back into the team. Instead of Giroud, we should have gone all out for Llorente. That sort of thing. Why are we not trying to replace quality players like RvP with equivalent quality.

    And i disagree with you that Giroud and Cazorla are CL quality players, but thats my opinion. Cazorla has done nothing in over 50% of the games this season, if not more. He is obviously talented, but is that enough on its own? not in my opinion.
    Wait, Cazorla not a CL-quality signing? Seriously? The man is arguably too good for our current team. Everyone was eaxing lyrical about him, and wondered how we managed to get such a player for around 12m in the summer. Who would you have preferred, Iniesta?

    Edit: This whole "no signings argument" is ridiculous, actually. Wenger spent big on two proven internationals.

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