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    He sometimes has a point but he's never very balanced. He's always quick to criticise but never gives any credit when we make a good signing or persuade a player to sign a new contract.

    As for Cortese he is so anti-media you never really know how many of the stories are true. He has made a fair few mistakes but until today I always thought he did what was best for the club. Persuading a relative unknown like Adkins to drop a division and come to Saints a few seasons ago deserves credit. He also got us a great deal on AOC a few seasons back.

    I really don't understand what he is doing today though. I guess time with tell if it is a good move or not but I think most fans are just angry at how badly we have treated a top guy like Adkins. Even when we were struggling he never lost the fans and many consider him to be among the best managers in our history.

    As with Pardew I guess he will get a big pay off and we will never know the full story. Quite telling in his press conference this afternoon the new guy claims he has been watching the squad closely for weeks. Adkins deserved better than this from the club, modern football is depressing sometimes.
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