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    A) I'm not sure about that, two best examples I can think of right now are Ba and Valencia. Ba was different in that he had a clause in his contract and Valencia went for 17 million in a pre-Andy Carroll for 30 million world.

    B) I can't say for sure one way or the other on that one, but I'm also pretty sure that you can't either.

    Bigger teams suffer more because players of top quality are so difficult to find, afford and convince them to join you. Pretty much the best case scenario is that you're able to buy a replacement who isn't worse. The most likely scenario is that you invest the money into youth players who could potentially be as good/better or players you hope are hidden gems. The risk is much higher imo.

    As for "Bigger teams don't suffer when they lose their best player as their best player shouldn't be that much better". That small margin is so much more important at the top of the table than it is mid-table.
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