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  • Deleted user 5 February 2013 10:49:39
    puddleduck wrote:
    It basically is. All those punishments are basically UEFA competitions. As in Champs League/Europa League. Gotta love the idea though, that a club who has spent beyond their means and reached a position that might bail them out... is then denied the means to do so. Like any start-up business, sometimes you gotta lose money to make money, and unfortunately more often then not they fail.
    It's been made clear that clubs that are moving in the right direction and can demonstrate that they are providing means to be in a greater future financial position will not be punished.

    It also specifically doesn't include money spent on youth development and things like that. The whole point is to stop clubs getting themselves into trouble, not punish those being upwardly mobile.

    I'm sure it'll have its issues and wrinkles, but there's no point being all conspiracy theory about it.
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