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  • Deleted user 5 February 2013 11:06:56
    It's a deterrent. That's literally the whole point. They don't want to punish clubs that get into trouble, they want to stop clubs getting into trouble full stop.

    Again, the Man City thing is missing the point. This isn't about Man City. It's about Portsmouth and Rangers and Espanyol. It's not about punishing them. It's about putting systems in place so they don't get in that position in the first place.

    There's also nothing to stop billionaires coming in, paying off debts, building a new training ground, investing in youth training and generally helping a club become self-sustainable and successful. Yes, it is now less easy for them to come in and just sign a load of expensive players on stupid wages, and make the club totally relient on the billionaire staying or they're forever fucked - and that's a good thing!
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