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  • Deleted user 5 February 2013 14:38:30
    I think it is proud for those who do it, and it's done with good intent, but equally it offends others and opens us up to racism.

    Personally, I'd prefer us to stop. It served a purpose in a different time when we were regularly subject to racist abuse and nobody cared, but that time is over. I think we should move on. I also think the same thing about the 'n word' in rap music fwiw. At some point you're perpetuating the use of a word that should be allowed to die of death, and at that point you're being counter-productive as to why you needed to subvert the word in the first place.

    But equally it's not something I'm particularly militant about. When I see groups of fans of all races singing 'Yid Army' passionately at games, as a Jew I feel quite proud. It's a rare thing to see anyone being proud of being Jewish, let alone non-Jews :)
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