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    De Gea isn't as bad as he's made out to be though.

    He's a young keeper learning his trade. He's far more advanced than most at his age, and he suffers from poor decision making. He can learn that by learning from mistakes. His mistakes are more high profile because they're for Utd.

    As long as he doesn't allow the mistakes to get him down, and instead decides to use them to analyse his game and improve it, he'll do fine. He's got all the makings and attributes of a great keeper, including his physical size, it's now down to his mentality and whether he can cope with it.

    It can go one of two ways, it's too early to tell, but I'm not one of the 'De Gea is a clown' crowd. If he's doing the same things at 26-27, then yes, but he's hardly started his career yet in goalkeeping terms and it's not his fault he's become the Nos1 at Utd probably 2-3 years before he's absolutely ready for that level.

    (EDIT, early to tell, not easy. Stupid typo).

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