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    nickthegun wrote:
    Dougs wrote:
    More on PL FFP/wage cap, being voted on today:

    Christ, its no wonder villa have a team of kids now.
    Indeed, I daresay part of the problem is not just what the wages are but what the turnover is. Despite being the most prestigious club in the second capital there just aren't as many fans able to afford to go to games. The gates last season and this season have been ever dwindling. They were at a high of 40k under MoN and they've been on the slide since then.

    If the fans aren't coming then you can't afford to pay the wages week in week out. I think the last home game was around 30k. The stadium is getting more and more empty and I suspect in the championship things will be even worse. Villa are already a relatively cheap club to watch. The people just don't have the money to watch us lose on a regular basis.

    It's not a story that is being written about by the likes of Robbie Savage who would rather just act the cunt about the whole thing.
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