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    Re Man U and another title, which of course they are going to win, don't these fuckers know Football moves in cycles ?
    I have been watching football since Espana 1982, so was onboard way before the prem kicked off...
    Man U, you have more than had your time in the sun, now do us all a favour and fuck off, taking that scots cunt with you...

    I'm not at all bitter (maybe a bit) that but for you lot, the mighty Gunners would have won more*

    How the fuck did you do us in 1999 FA Cup.

    The REAL pisser is that the last few years Utd have been so very average, and yet still manage to walk away with the title on most occasions.
    I also have no love for ManC or...take your pick, but if we are not going to win it (which we all know we are not anytime soon) then at least let it be a 3/4 team race until March/April.

    Let us see what happens Prem 2013/14

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