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    Orange wrote:
    Dortmund resurgence down to Klopp though and about to lose Lewandowski. It won't be long before Klopp moves on either to Real Madrid or DFB, also elite teams are going to continue to cherrypick their best players. Dortmund is not a glamorous part of the world at all, so will always struggle to attract top overseas players and keep their best one. Financially their ticket prices are rock bottom (and fans won't allow a big increase).
    They may lose Lewandowski, but like always, someone will step up and replace him. All that was said when they first lost Sahin, then Kagawa, yet they've kept on improving. Now they're better than ever.
    It will be long before Klopp leaves though. Much like Arsene, he always honours his contract, and he's got many years left.
    Yeah, Dortmund isn't a glam place, but neither is Manchester. :p

    And they don't attaract top players, they creat them, so that won't change. Besides, that CL money (if they are consistent) will do them nicely. Agree on the tickets though. I do expect the Bundesliga to attrack more TV money though (not PL levels of course).

    Chelsea/Arsenal, one of these likely to be replaced by a much more competent looking Spurs. Which will likely be a good thing for either of them in forcing an improvement in how they are run.
    As you can imagine, I fully disagree on Spurs replacing us being a good thing. :D
    Heck, I wouldn't even want them to replace Chelsea.
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