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    Dougs wrote:
    Trowel wrote:
    Hilarious that Gary Neville was still describing the goal and the Arsenal defence decided they were his real life replay.
    I don't agree with him that the 2nd was all about a high line. The line was fine, but Monreal let a runner go.

    Anyway, frustrating, as for once we've played OK but switched off twice. Never really looked dangerous though, playing within ourselves a bit. Counter-attacks ahoy!
    It looked to me like Monreal was trying to pass the runner on to Vermaelen, he was pointing at him and shouting to Verm, and Verm wasn't paying any attention as he was looking at Cazorlololololola and not on what he should have been doing. Which is why, when the ball goes to Lennon and Verm looks over his shoulder, that he just drops his shoulders and looks forlorn, as I think he then realised he'd dropped an absolute bollock.
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