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    Whilst it was undoubtedly poor refereeing from Hasley, I agree with ecureuil that it's unreasonable to expect a referee to always have a perfect view of every incident - and that's what the assistants are there for.

    The far more shocking thing is that the FA haven't taken any action for the tackle... a horrific challenge that it seems everyone unanimously agrees he should get at least a 3 match ban for. I don't like the ruling that 'the referee has already dealt with it' - clearly he hasn't else he would have sent the player off, as proven by him apologising after the game to Pardew!

    On a completely unrelated note, I'm just watching a video of Hazard vs West Ham - a few pages back someone asked what is wrong with Chelsea fans that they would cheer a robana that went to the other team, well watch this and you'll see why I and every one around me thought the play warranted applause! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlqY2GJWOwk&hd=1#t=4m58s
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