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    kalel wrote:
    It's a very interesting stat, although like all stats it's possible that something else has skewed it. For example, they may have another player who plays a lot of over-hit passes that are impossible to control or something.
    Yeah but over a season such an anomaly of one player would be found out. He recieves passes from so many people, and for him to be that high up (exluding a poor player in a struggling Ligue 1 team) does point to a habit/flaw.

    And Alt. Madris have a decent squad too, all geared towards giving him the ball.

    It really is an intruiging stat. In fact another La Liga striker it could apply to (at least in the past) is the infamous Julio "The Beast" Baptista, who had a terrible touch.

    And now he's back to being a decent striker for Maliga.

    Either way, it's made me think twice about him. For a while I wondered why so many clubs (Arsenal, Spurs, and even lesser clubs like Liverpool) overlooked him when he was clearly available since River Plate. Just goes to show that during scouting, there are so many other elements that us common peasants overlook.
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